The exhibition is in two days’ time and we are nearly ready for the general public to see the work. I’ve written lots of lists of things to do and things to remember to take tomorrow to set up my work. I’m just hoping that it will all fall into place. Arranging an exhibition takes a lot of organizational skills, and a good memory. At the same time as doing this, I am busy arranging a party for my nearly five-year-old son and it seems to me that similar skills are needed for both.

It feels like quite a while now since I actually made any artwork to do with this project. The last two weeks have been taken up with poster design, invite design, talking to publicity people at Shrewsbury College and Powis Castle about the project and asking the kind people of Welshpool to put the poster up in their coffee shops / shops / town halls. I have also been annoying my friends on Facebook with constant reminders about the exhibition. Shrewsbury College have written an article about it and published to their website. It is great to have their support.

Posing for publicity with my cat drawings and Bill's tent
Posing for publicity with my cat drawings and Bill’s tent

The Private View will be on Saturday and we have a few friends and family coming along, as well as hopefully some of the staff at Powis and the volunteers I interviewed. Even the Earl of Powis himself has recieved an invite. I do hope he can come, even if it is for just a quick glass of sparkling wine and a Kettle crisp. The Castle are providing the liquid refreshment and we are going to offer nibbles too. I’m hoping to make a video of the afternoon and I’ll post an edited version here.

The next big dilemma: what to wear on Saturday?