Who We Are

We are two students studying for a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Art Practice at Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology and Staffordshire University and this website provides information about a project we undertook about Powis Castle in Powys.

The project lasted ten months. It begun in January and finished in November 2014. The purpose of the project has been for us to exhibit artwork inspired by Powis Castle and to chart the journey along the way.

We are both quite individual in our practice and have come up with very different ideas. This website chronicles our progress and ideas and includes details of the exhibition.


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Next, I’m hoping to be helping with the Longden Ford Rea Valley Community Archive Project. The aim of the project is to enable local people to explore their heritage through a digital collection of memorabilia and artefacts using video to record oral history through interviews.

The project will encompass interviews carried out by secondary school pupils with local people who have a connection to the First World War through an object.

I would like to extend my part in the project to focus on Shrewsbury and to study local people’s relationship with objects from the First World War. I hope do this in collaboration in some way with the Regimental Museum and Castle in Shrewsbury. Please see new website for this project: www.wwithings.com.

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About Powis Castle

Powis Castle is on the outskirts of Welshpool in Powys. It is owned by the National Trust. It is sign posted from the main road to Newtown (the A483) and entry is by first drive gate on the right.

One of the Twmps
One of the Twmps


History of Powis Castle

Powis castle was originally built circa 1200. It began life as a medieval fortress. Over a period of 400 years or so, it has been remodelled and refashioned to reflect changes in style. Today, it reflects these differences and embodies the changing needs and desires of the Herbert family. Each generation adding its stamp to the castle’s appearance and the collection inside.

The castle in December
The castle in December